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Cassis 10 oz Glass Lid Candle
Cassis 10 oz Primitive Candle
Cassis 18 oz Glass Lid Candle
Cassis 18 oz Primitive Candle
Cassis Scented Melt Single
Cassis Scented Melts 3 Pack
Cassis Scented Melts 5 Pack
Cassis Scented Melts 12 Pack
Cassis Scented Chunky Melts
Cassis Votive Candles 12 pack
Cassis Pillar Candle 3 x 3
Cassis Pillar Candle 3 x 4
Cassis Pillar Candle 3 x 5
Cassis Aroma Oil 1/2 oz
Cassis Aroma Oil 1 oz
Cassis Aroma Oil 2 oz
Cassis 4 oz Herbal Lotion
Cassis 4 oz Body n' Linen Spray
Cassis 4 oz Room Spray
Cassis 4 oz Hand Soap
Cassis 4 oz Silky Shower Gel
Cassis 4 oz Enriched Shampoo
Cassis 4 oz Creamy Conditioner

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview

Cassis - A sweet, delicate scent reminiscent of creme de Cassis liqueur. This fragrance is well balanced by infused black currant notes with sweet, floral notes.



About our Products:

Candles, Wickless Candles, Scented Tarts, Scent Shots, Scented Melts, Scented Cube Melts, Chunky Melts, Votive Candles, Pillar Candles, Fragrance Oils, Scented Oils, Lotion, Room Spray, Body Spray, Linen Spray, Shower Gel, Hand Wash, Shampoo, Cream Rinse.

Jar Candles, Wickless Candles, Pillar Candles, Votive Candles:

Our Candles are Triple Scented from the top to the bottom of the jar with a strong and lasting scent. Our scented candles are hand poured at the time of your order. We put love and care into all of our products including the shipping and the free melts with your order. Again, we have a lot of fragrances for you to choose from on our Candle Scent List page.. Read our testimonials and see what our customers are wild about. We have customers that have been customers since 2000. We do not use Paraffin Wax, we use all natural wax.

Scented Tarts, Chunky Melts, Wax Tarts/Wax Melts, Cube Melts, Scent Shots:

Chunky Melts are new, and we offer these in many different ways. We also offer on our chunky melts page in our menu bar primitive heart buckets, primitive snowman bucket, boxes, 26 ounce apothecary jar, and Winter Wishes. Our chunky cube melts are great for our small tart warmers, and our plug in warmers. Our Chunky Melts are made the same way as our candles, tarts, hearts, and melts. We know you'll enjoy our Wonderful, Triple Scented Chunky Melts. We do not use paraffin wax.

All natural wax. Votive Candles ~ Scented Exquisite Beauty:

Triple Scented Hand Poured Votive Candles from Kayloma Candles. Welcome to our online candle store. Our collection of votive candles and votive holders Faith, Family & Friends makes a wonderful gift. Our triple scented votive candles are as strong as our tarts or melts. If your are searching for strong scented candles, look no more. Our votive candles are truly scented with 3 ounces of oil per pound. Our wax is very elegant & we hand poured all of our votive candle products here in the USA. Our votive candles are packaged in a clear acetate container. We offer our votive's in clear pack of 12 votive's of the same scent. Always burn your votive candle in a glass container, or some type of container, never let your votive candle burn with no container. We do not use paraffin wax, and always use lead free wicks.

Pillar Candles ~ A Touch of Exquisite Beauty:  Our beautiful feather design all natural wax pillar candle is gorgeous; a beautiful design for any decor. A perfect candle to display in arrangements or accent your home. Made from all natural palm wax. Each candle has its own design, never two alike. Its delicate feather design will accent any room with a touch of exquisite beauty. Add a whole new fashionable look to your decor with just one scented candle! Kayloma Pillar Candles have an Elegant Crystal Feather Design, a clean burning pillar at a great price. Our pillar candles are made here in America and are the highest quality candles. We do weddings, Anniversaries, Churches, etc. We do not use paraffin wax, we use all natural wax, we use htp wicks, and lead free. Our scented pillar candles are awesome!

Fragrance Oil, Aroma Oils, Candle Oils available in 1/2 ounce oil, 1 ounce oil, 2 ounce oil: 

Kayloma Candles would like to welcome you to our store. We hope you will enjoy your visit and choose some wonderful scented oils from us. All of our oils are Premium uncut fragrance oils, made here in the USA. Fragrance oils on this page are oils that you may burn in your tart warmers, or oil burner, never apply this oil to your skin. We offer Bakery Scents, Fruit Scents, wonderful selection of Flower Scents. We use Premium 100 % Oil for our burners. You can use in light rings, or small burners. Our Premium Oil may also be used on light Rings, Simmering Pots and more! Our oils are 100% with NO Alcohol, Water, Surfactants or other cheap diluents. Each amber bottle of Aroma Oil comes with dropper lid. When burning oils never mix with your tarts or melts.

Room Spray / Linen Spray / Body Spray:

Room Sprays and Linen Sprays are picture-perfect for an instant surge of fragrance in any room of your home. Kayloma linen sprays/body sprays are mixed with perfection, and will give you that long lasting aroma for any occasion. If you can't burn a candle, just try our Sprays, all handmade with no alcohols to give you that abundant fragrance. This product comes in a silver sleek 4 ounce bottle with our label, and a black lid. Our sprays are awesome, read our reviews, no alcohol in our room, linen body spray.

Herbal Body Lotion & Hand Lotion:

We have been using this lotion since we started Kayloma Candles. Added herbal extracts will aid in smoothing and protecting the skin. This cream based lotion leaves your hands and body with a silky, soft feeling that is non-greasy. This lotion is created using the finest ingredients. Including Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Papaya Extract, Shea Butter. This is an excellent for the skin, and is said to repair cellular degeneration. It also provides the skin with all of the essential elements of fats and vitamins.

Silky Shower Gel:

Enriched deeply moisturizing bath and body shower gel enhances the bathing experience. This exquisite formula yields a silky, thick lather that lasts!  Our customers love the quality, and feel, that our shower gels provide. One of our top sellers! This shower gel is great! You can put two or three drops on your washcloth and, you have a thick lather all over your body. If you buy with scent, it does decrease the thickness of the later. But smells awesome! My husband uses Mango Papaya, you can really smell it and smells so good.

Enriched Shampoo:

Thick, Protein enriched Shampoo for Normal hair types. This quality Shampoo will clean hair thoroughly while PH Balancing. Added herbal ingredients including Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera Extract and Papaya Extract have made this shampoo one of our top sellers. Our customers love this shampoo, leaves there hair feeling nice. I don't use a cream rinse with this one, and I use unscented shampoo.

Creamy Conditioner:

This creamy conditioner is perfect for daily use with all types of hair. It is recommended for customers who wish to maintain normal, healthy, manageability of the hair. Our customers love this thick creamy hair conditioner.Creamy Conditioner.

Hand Wash:

This extra rich lathering hand soap is a mild and effective skin cleaner. Our hand soap is a thick non-scented base soap, clear in color. Combine our hand soap with a fragrance oil to produce a uniquely custom product. The hand soap is formulated to condition and protect the skin's natural moisture. Using this hand soap will cleanse your skin, and leave your feeling fresh for hours. This is nice for the bath area, or even in the kitchen area.

Thank You!  Kayloma Candles!  Home of Triple Scented Candles, Melts & Tarts

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